Tuesday, April 19, 2016


April has been an amazing month for Solution by Design’s website clients. We have had several of our website clients finalize their websites and are now live! Solutions by Design would like to congratulate the following clients on their recent live websites.

These beautifully custom crafted websites created by our SBD team show detailed skill, knowledge, and professionalism of each practice. Check them out now!

  1. Dr.Rupali Wadhwa : Morristown Orthodontics – New Responsive Website, Social Media Program and bLink Patient Reminders
  2. Dr.Jeremy Albert: Albert Family Ortho – New Responsive Website
  3. Dr.Alex Cranford: Cranford Orthodontics – Responsive Website Upgrade and bLink Patient Reminders
  4. Dr.Eric Sacks: Sacks Orthodontics - Mobile Website Re-Design
  5. Dr.David Kemp: Kemp Orthodontics – New Responsive Website, Social Media Program and bLink Patient Reminders

Our team is proud to call you all clients. It was a pleasure working closely with you during this process to provide you with a truly amazing website. Solutions by Design features custom website development. No templates and no canned content. Each site is developed based upon the attributes of the individual practice and its markets.

Our clients choose Solutions by Design for the creation of their website after evaluating their other options and realize that we are the only company that truly offers a unique combination of design, marketing, programming, SEO, social media and clinical knowledge necessary to create effective and functional websites. We are the total solution and offer several levels of website development based upon your needs and budget. Give us a call to now at 800-888-4084 and ask us about our newest promotions.

FAQ Of The Month: How Come My Camera Is Not Working?

Montage was developed to create the ultimate patient experience in the reception area of your office. You can organize, manage and display educational and informational content in one place and make it fun at the same time. We understand that technology isn’t always easy to use, so this month we decided to take one of your Frequently Asked Questions, and provide the answer for you below!

Question: How come my Camera is not working?

  1. Please check if the camera is plugged into the computer attached to the back of the Touchscreen board or try using a different USB Port. 
  2. Next refresh the contents of the page that is currently running on the Montage board. When prompted make sure you are selecting “Allow” when it asks if you want to let www.andisolutions.com use your camera. The message should right above the content of Montage. If it does not please do not hesitate to give our office a call. 
  3. If the problems persist, let us know and we can get this resolved for you.
If you have any further questions or concerns, our Technical Support can be reached @559.765.0638 or support@solutionsbydesign.com.

How To Select Patient Information And Care & Use Forms

We understand that you’re busy helping your patients and may not always remember everything after your ScreenPlay training course, so we decided to provide you with a quick & easy refresher course on how how to select patient information and care & use forms.

Because this section has been customized for your practice, the information on Policies, Procedures and Care & Use are all specific to the way you practice. Simply click on any of the individual information sets that you desire, or select all. Each can be printed, included in your online presentation or included on a CD with the balance of your presentation.
We hope we’ve helped to refresh your memory on this area of ScreenPlay. If you would like more help navigating ScreenPlay, or have specific areas that are confusing, please contact us and we will gladly review areas of concern with you.

bLink App: Featuring Bluetooth Beacon Notification Technology

Our bLink email and text appointment reminders application is still in the process creating our bLink App; but it’s coming soon. The bLink App will provide your patient’s mobile device an appointment reminders notification, financial transaction notification, and patient education notifications. This will allow you to uniquely communicate with your patients more efficiently with a branded bLink App from Solutions by Design. Patients will be able to download your branded App free from your website to their phone to receive notifications on their mobile device.

New Special Feature on the bLink App: Featuring Bluetooth beacon Notification Technology

At Solutions by Design, we’re always ahead of the trends when it comes to software and technology. Introducing bLink Beacon Technology, a highly advanced feature that automatically detects when each of your patients arrives for their appointment at your office. Once your patient enters your office, a text with any desired message specific to any appointment type is sent to them. This new technology allows bLink App to understand the patients location and automatically send custom text message notifications. This is a great solution for any office.

Give us a call to now at 800-888-4084 and ask us about our newest bLink promotions.

How To Get Your Patients To Check-In On Facebook

Reminding customers to check-in on Facebook is a key to success for your social media marketing campaign. It’s important to remember the exposure on Facebook is great for your business, but we understand the big question is, how do you get customers to check-in?

Chances are most customers are armed with smartphones, and have an active Facebook account. As it takes only a few simple taps on the screen for them to check-in, getting them to do so can be a bit tricky at times. Here are a few ways you can increase the odds that your customers will take the small effort to check-in at your location.

Post Signage

Ask your social media manager for the marketing tools you need to help customers be reminded to check-in. Be sure to utilize posters or table tents by strategically placing them in areas with the most foot traffic. If you need custom posters or table tents created, contact us. We are always happy to design customer work for our clients.

Ask Your Patients to Check-in

Nothing is more effective than simply asking your customers to check-in on Facebook. Tell them about your social media marketing campaign and encourage them to connect with you online to stay updated on promos, events, giveaways, and more.

Encourage Employees to Check-in

One way to get your check-in process moving along is to have your employees check-in. They have friends and family members on their Facebook page that will see the check-in by them, and consider doing so themselves.

Remind your own friends and family to check-in at your location too. When they’re visiting your location, ask them to check-in. Chances are, they will do so without hesitation.

Become A Checkin4Charity.com Member

Solutions by Design introduces checkin4charity.com, an exciting social media tool that creates amazing customer impressions and reach for fractions of a penny. This may be the lowest cost-per-point advertising and social media marketing tool available in the world. Our Facebook integration connects your customer's Facebook account to your Facebook page when they check-in at your business to benefit checkin4charity.com.

As a checkin4charity.com member, we provide you with the marketing tools to help increase the number of check-ins at your business. These tools include a digital display with scrolling details about the charity of the month, and impactful images that encourage your customers to check-in.

Also included in the membership are posters, table tents, social media announcements, and a custom social media graphic every month for your social media manger to post on your current Facebook page and social media channels. Your social media channels are one of the best places to direct people to check-in, since you’re likely speaking to those who are avid social media users. You may want to also add this graphic to your website, or blog, for more exposure to those who may not be following you on social media.

Remember, Solutions by Design is here to support your business and guide you along the way. Contact us to learn about our current social media packages and our checkin4charity.com memberships.

Monday, April 4, 2016

The Secret To Higher Invisalign Rankings

Before Invisalign made a concerted effort to advertise nationally through television and online advertising, orthodontic practice websites usually maintained high rankings in Invisalign searches by simply having one or two pages of Invisalign content. But that’s not the case anymore.

Now that more people are aware of what Invisalign is and how it works, and because more people than ever are searching for information and providers, those websites with minimal Invisalign information are seeing drastic decreases in rankings in the search results. So what’s the solution?

If you conduct a search for “Invisalign in (your city)” you will begin to notice one key difference between those at the top of the rankings and those at the bottom. Clicking on the top websites will present you with far more Invisalign information, including pages with videos, testimonials, and other information. This is a great example of Google’s focus on relevance.

Google has decided, and rightly so, that someone looking for information on Invisalign will want as much information as possible in one location. Given the choice between one page of general information or multiple pages with videos and other resources, which one would you choose?

If you are serious about increasing your Invisalign rankings, now is the time to add more Invisalign content to your website. Your competitors are. The longer you wait the harder it will be to catch up to them. Contact Solutions By Design today to get started, call 800-888-4084.