Monday, May 17, 2021

Montage: Calorie Counter

If you are looking to bring efficiency to your veterinary practice and a great experience for your customers, Montage has widgets that will take your practice to the next level.  We interact with multiple pieces of technology on a daily basis by the simple act of touch and your practice should be no exception.

Pet obesity is a problem worldwide. One of the widgets veterinarians use on a daily basis is the Calorie Counter. How many calories should your pet consume each day? What does that equate to in the amount of food? Now you can calculate everything to get specific food recommendations in an instant.

The Calorie Counter in our Montage Interactive Displays is a useful tool that is being used by pet parents at their veterinary office to determine how many calories their dog or cat should consume. Veterinarians have used this tool to educate their patients on the health of their pets as well.

Montage has continued to grow to become a multi-purpose system with over 35 Veterinary specific widgets designed for your practice reception area and exam room, including the new DICOM player.


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