Monday, April 20, 2015

Introducing New Montage Kiosk Designs

Montage is becoming a smash across markets from Orthodontics to Home-building and now we are offering a new way to display your board.

Montage was created to bring the ultimate customer experience to the reception area, showroom or lobby of your business. Now you can organize, manage and display sales and marketing information all in one place, interactively. When we first introduced Montage the only way to display your board was by mounting it on the wall. This was a great option, but there were times when we ran into uses with wall space and mounting ability. However, as we continue to progress and upgrade our products we are always working on ways to make out products better. To provide a variety of selection for Montage display we have begun introducing Montage kiosks. These kiosks are a new way to display your Montage board.

After a successful trip to China by our CEO and President Bill Poss, we inked an exclusive deal with one of China’s premiere manufactures to design and fabricate our kiosk and hardware. Our kiosks are great for all markets including Orthodontic practices, Home-builder offices and Wineries. Along with freestanding kiosks, we are also offering sleek and innovative table designs.

Here a few of touch table designs:

kiosk 1 kiosk 2 kiosk 3 kiosk 4

To learn more about Montage click here

To find more about our kiosk and touch table options give us a call at 1-800-888-4084

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

ScreenPlay April 2015 News

All new ScreenPlay content is on the way!


We are on schedule to release ScreenPlay version 10.1 this month. As we roll out this new update we are offering $2,495 off of ScreenPlay's original price until Wednesday April 15th, 2015. To find out more about our ScreenPlay sale click here. You don't want to miss out on this Pre-AAO special, ScreenPlay 10.1 will bring users new and revised animations.

New content includes:

  • 3rd Molar Impactions animation

  • Anterior Crossbite animation

  • Bilateral Crossbite animation

  • Buccal Crossbite animation

  • Class 3 Retro Maxilla animation

  • Excess Gingival animation

  • Single Tooth Crossbite animation

  • Diastima Frenum animation

  • Class 1 Spacing animation

  • Class 2 Subdivision animation

  • Ectopic Impacted Canines animation

  • Mandibular Asymmetry animation

  • Narrow Arches animations

And more

The process of creating animations is very meticulous. We take great pride in the animations that we produce for our users. We make sure that ScreenPlay offers animations that are anatomically correct and visually appeasing for patients. Here is a behind the scenes step by step look of the animation process:

EightThirteenEleven Eighteen

This year Solutions by Design products will be seeing huge updates from productivity to design, we are making sure our products are the best and continue to outperform our competition. We are always taking advice from our clients on how we can make our products better for you, if you have any comments are suggestions please email us at support[at] with the subject line “I have a suggestion”.

Note: Jean Noble is now our east coast Sales Director. She is currently available for in office visit for practices throughout the Eastern region of the US.

Note: Solutions by Design will be attending the 2015 AAO meeting in San Francisco! Mark your calendars and be ready to meet us at Booth #3037

5 Social Media Do's and Don'ts for Orthodontist

Orthodontic Social Media

When the idea of Social Media comes to mind many people think of how they or people they know have used Social Media to connect with family, friends and even strangers of common interest all around the world. So when Tracy the Treatment Coordinator talks about how she uses Facebook and Twitter all the time you may be eager to place her in charge of all the Social Media needs for your practice, but be leery personal use and professional use of social media are two different things. So you want to make sure what your posting on your account is more professional than personal, here are 5 do’s and don’ts for Social Media.

5 Do’s and Don’ts of Social media

Do promote your brand effectively (reach audience)
Make sure that you are effectively promoting your practice and the services you offer. Also make sure you are reaching your target audience (people you want to see in your office).

Do post visual content related to your business
Post photos and videos of your staff in office, office events and even your patients during their treatment moments. Fans and Followers LOVE visual content.

Do respond to ALL messages, comments, questions and feedback

When you receive comments, feedback and reviews on social media make sure to always respond. Even when the commentary seems negative remember to always have a positive tone and never engage in combative online dialogue. Also, if there are questions asked on Social Media please try and respond in a timely fashion.

Do post on a consistent basis

Set a schedule and stick to it, we suggest posting at least 3 times a week. What's the point of having an account if it's not going to be active? That's just as bad having no account, so make sure you page is active and consistent.

Do research on Social Media outlet you are using to find out if there are any advantages they offer for businesses

There are many Social Media outlets available and each serve a niche purpose, you must make sure you are using sites best fit for your practice. For instance, Facebook offers advertising and different page options specially for businesses.

Don’t overshare

Don't post every single moment of the day. Being a business, fans LIKE or Follow your page to connect with you but they may feel bombarded with unnecessary information as you fill their personal timeline. The worst thing that could happen is fans will view your page as spam and unfollow you. So only post relevant content on a strategic timeline.

Don’t post patients personal information

Make sure all pictures and information posted about is given the "okay" by patients or the responsible party.

Don’t post staff personal information

Just like you want to be careful about the information you post about patients, your staff should receive the same respect.

Don’t forget to proofread

When you post statuses and updates make sure you proofread everything so bad grammar and misspelling don't make you lose your professional look.

Don’t post content that isn’t family approved

Make sure that all the content you post is family friendly, meaning that patients young and old should be able to visit you page see content that is appropriate.


Find out about more Social Media and make sure your doing it right by contacting us today!

Why Stopping SEO is a Bad Idea

SEO Search Engine Optimization, Ranking algorithm

Many people are under the impression that once a successful SEO campaign has accomplished its goal of placing their website at or near the top in the search results, then the SEO campaign can be effectively stopped. Once at the top, always at the top is the prevailing attitude.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

There are some very important reasons why SEO is a continuous, non-stop process, and why you should never stop a successful SEO campaign. This article will outline the main reasons.

Search Engine Algorithms Are Continually Evolving

Google makes 500 to 600 changes to its algorithms each year. Most of these changes are minor, but there are a handful of major changes that can dramatically affect the way Google indexes your website. Keeping abreast of these changes, and making adjustments to your SEO strategy accordingly, is the best way to ensure that you are taking full advantage of these modifications. If nothing is done then you are almost guaranteed to lose valuable rankings.

Your Links Are Degrading

Over time, links to your website can “erode” due to various factors: old, stale content that is no longer relevant; changes to website filenames; deletion of content, etc. If these links cause errors with the search engine then your rankings will drop. Keeping on top of these link changes, and following a continual link-building process can ensure that link degradation is kept under control.

Mobile Search

The online world is making a dramatic shift in search platforms, with mobile expected to be the dominant method in the near future. We are seeing mobile devices account for almost half of all website visits to our clients alone.

Google is now giving more weight to websites that are “mobile-friendly”, increasing the chances that those websites will receive higher rankings in search results.

As this transition to mobile search becomes more prevalent, many of the methods and strategies of SEO change with it. Without a comprehensive plan to accommodate mobile search as it evolves, your website may lose rankings, especially to your competition who might already be optimizing for mobile search.

The Competition Will Move Ahead of You

If you are running a successful SEO campaign, then you can be absolutely certain that your competitors are as well. If you analyze your rankings over time, you will see that it’s a constant back-and-forth battle for top rankings between you and your competition.

Stopping SEO will effectively take you out of the game. Your competitors will keep up with changing algorithms, link building strategies, and the changing methods of search, and you will be left behind to see your website disappear from search results.

Your New and Changing Content Needs Exposure

New content added to your website after stopping SEO has little chance of gaining an audience. No outside links will lead people to the content, and the chances of search engines finding it are slim. This can be especially harmful if you want to gain exposure for new services offered or new treatment options.

Make the Decision to Stay the Course

Many people think that they can’t afford a long-term SEO campaign. They feel that the cost is too prohibitive and that they are seeing the apparent return on investment. The truth is, you can’t afford to stop a successful SEO campaign.
Have questions about the current state of your SEO?

Contact us and we can give you the answers you are looking for.

Montage April 2015 News


As we previously announced we are introducing Montage, our interactive display board, into new markets. Previously we only offered Montage to Orthodontic practices to enhance the overall experience of visits for patients while waiting in the office. With Montage practices have the ability to organize, manage and display educational and informational content in one place and make it fun at the same time. We are now giving new markets the option to have our interactive display boards.

We recently installed the first set of Montage boards for a local home-builder. Bonadelle Neighborhoods is a home-building company located in California's Central Valley. For more than six decades, the Bonadelle family has helped shape the future of Fresno and Clovis by building new homes that make families proud to say, “Home Sweet Home.” The boards will be used as a tool to support the sales team as potential customer come into their offices looking to buy homes.


[caption id="attachment_826" align="aligncenter" width="342"]P1000739 Support Techinican Thee Xiong testing out Bonadelle's Montage board[/caption]

The boards feature a live TV feed, reviewer links, video gallery, photo gallery, website viewer, available homes directory, camera and much more. The install went great! We were able to install boards in 3 boards in Bonadelle offices, completing each install in about one hour! Montage boards are an easy install and once the boards are up they are instantly ready to be put to use. The Bonadelle staff absolutely love the boards, in fact they were taking photos using the camera and posting photos as soon as the boards were ready. They’re excited to enhance engagement between the sales team and customers with this visual addition to their offices.

Future Updates:
We are now working on developing our first custom Orthodontic interface. This interactive interface will be 100% custom from the design layout to the content featured. As we plan on rolling out this option the opportunities for creativity become endless within Montage. Stay tuned for more details on custom Montage developments.

For more information regarding Montage give us a CALL TODAY!


Note: Jean Noble is now our east coast Sales Director. She is currently available for in office visit for practices throughout the Eastern region of the US.

Note: Solutions by Design will be attending the 2015 AAO meeting in San Francisco! Mark your calendars and be ready to meet us at Booth #3037

bLink April 2015 News

Whether you’re sending out reminders through email or text message there hasn’t been much you could do to make the reminders fun and engaging, until now. We are introducing a new fun and exciting way to send out reminders, bLink E-Toons. E-Toons is our animated reminder and patient education series for bLink. E-Toons will feature 11 automated reminder showcase-oralhygieneanimations including:

  • Welcome to the Practice Cartoon

  • Appointment Confirmation Cartoon

  • Appointment Reminder Cartoon

  • Missed Appointment Notification Cartoon

  • Recall Notification Cartoon

  • Birthday Congratulations Cartoon

  • Bonding Appointment Cartoon

  • Debonding Appointment Cartoon

  • Oral Hygiene Cartoon

  • Retainer Care Cartoon

  • Elastic Wear Cartoon

Be a Star
We have already changed the way bLink users responded to appointment reminders with our confirmation button for emails. And now we are changing the way patients view reminders from their orthodontist by engaging patients with our one of kind cartoon series. As we get ready for the upcoming release of bLink 2.0 and E-Toons we are giving one lucky patient the chance to be featured as a cartoon in our E-Toons reminder series! To be enter have each of your patients submit a short paragraph describing a memorable experience while in treatment.

To provide this amazing contest to your patients:
Send them to this link to fill out our online form.
We will read each entry submitted and pick out the best story! The winning practice will have their patient’s cartoon drawing revealed at the 2015 AAO Meeting in San Francisco, CA!
Entries must be submitted by April 20th, 2015

Other bLink News:

For more information regarding bLink contact us today!

Note: Jean Noble is now our east coast Sales Director. She is currently available for in office visit for practices throughout the Eastern region of the US.

Note: Solutions by Design will be attending the 2015 AAO meeting in San Francisco! Mark your calendars and be ready to meet us at Booth #3037