Friday, August 18, 2017

Increase Your Reach By Using Facebook Groups to Grow Your Community

Did you know Facebook recently launched “Groups” for business pages to use? This enables your business to create your own unique communities and feeds. If you’re confused how this will benefit you, we’re here to let you know this is a positive thing for your business. This update allows braces a new way to boost engagement and counter the decline in organic reach which all Facebook page users have experienced the past few years.

Over a billion people use Facebook Groups, and over 100 million people worldwide see “Groups” as a major part of their experience and use on Facebook.

What are “Groups”?

Facebook Groups are a place to connect with other users with similar interests and they are becoming increasingly important for brands and businesses aiming to encourage their own community.

How to create a Facebook Group

Creating a Facebook Group is very easy. Here are the most important steps:

1. Choose your Facebook Group name and privacy setting

2. Fill out your Facebook Group’s info

3. Write a description to tell people what the group is about in more details.

4. Add (up to five) tags to help people find your group.

5. Add your location if you are a local Group.

6. Customize your URL.

Facebook Groups offer built-in analytics making it easy for you to track the insights of your community. You can set up your group as public or private, post documents, create polls, start a group chat, and all members’ receive notifications about new posts to the group. This is why it’s great for businesses looking for a way to tap into their organic reach. For more information about Facebook Groups and how they can add value to your business, contact Solutions by Design.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Google is Killing Off Instant Search

Introduced in 2010, Google’s “Instant Search” feature was touted as “the future of search”, allowing users to save precious seconds by loading results dynamically as they typed. It also became a source of amusement as Google struggled to eliminate results from “search spammers” who used bots to force humorous results that people saw when they typed. Google was able to overcome that and other issues, and Instant Search became a hit with users.

Google has recently announced that it is getting rid of Instant Search. The reason? It’s because most of us now use mobile devices to search, and since Instant Search was never introduced on mobile, Google wants to keep a unified search experience across all platforms. With mobile voice assistants becoming more popular, Google just doesn’t see the need to keep maintaining its Instant Search feature.

No longer will you be able to go to Google on your desktop PC and type in something like this and get instant results:

Some users may miss this feature because it does save time and eliminates spelling errors, but the future is mobile. At Solutions By Design, we can help you help you reach your goals and increase your search engine optimization. Visit our website or give us a call for more information. 800-888-4084.