Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Marketing and Photos with Montage

Staff Snap Camera App:

If you have been looking for a portable “Photo Booth” option the Staff Snap Camera App is for you. This camera App is a Web application that allows you and any of your team to take photos on a cell Phone or iPad and post them to multiple places on your Montage board instantly from anywhere in the office or while at an event. The best part is… You do not need to go to the App store to Download this camera App.

Simply go to:, Log into your account and Click on the Montage 3.2 icon. Go
to the drop menu on the upper right corner, then click on “Camera”. It’s that easy.

Photo Booth Props and Backgrounds:

It’s time to throw that basket of messy feather boas and plastic sunglasses in the trash…you don’t need those props anymore. Montage has all of the props your patients could ever want! The Montage Photo Booth Widget includes fun props and wild backgrounds and that can be added to any photo. Photos can be saved and emailed or texted to the patient directly from the board. Not seeing Props and Backgrounds in you Photo Booth Widget? Give us a call and we’ll make sure they are activated for you.

To learn more about Montage Interactive and how it can reach more patients for your practice, contact us at