Thursday, November 20, 2014

Cyber Monday Sale (12/01/2014 ONLY)


You have probably heard all about “Black Friday”, the day after Thanksgiving where wild deals hit consumers. However, in recent years another day to grab deals has become just as popular, that day is Cyber Monday.

In 2005, created the term Cyber Monday after seeing an increase in online sales the Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday. Since then sales on Cyber Monday have generated over a billion dollars. Bargain hunters can find many great deals via their favorite retailers, and this Cyber Monday Solutions by Design will be joining in the mix.

On Cyber Monday (12/1/2014) consumers will be able to get 60% off ScreenPlay PRO. ScreenPlay PRO is an orthodontic patient case presentation and education application ideal for presenting patient case problems and treatment options during the initial examination. Screenplay can be used chair-side for education on compliance, procedures and care and use of orthodontic appliances.


How to Get This Deal:

The special Sales Agreement becomes available Monday December 1, 2014. Cyber Monday Pricing applies ONLY to new ScreenPlay Contracts dated 12/1/14. Cyber Monday Pricing valid from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. Pacific Standard Time. Offer Expires December 1, 2014 at 5:00pm Pacific Standard Time. For more information visit our Facebook page (

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Montage November News

montage header

We have been working hard on improving Montage as we enter other markets. Nikki Scholettler, our ‘Other Markets’ Account Manager, has been doing a wonderful job introducing Montage to other markets.  We are excited to announce that will be making our first other markets install soon for a local home builder. Bill and Nikki will be taking trips to Paso Robles and Napa Valley to build off leads and continue to solidify relationships in the Wine Industry. Although we have entered other markets we haven’t forgotten about our Orthodontic Montage users.

Montage wine

With all the progress were making in other markets we're still working on improving Montage for our Orthodontic users. We are currently working on introducing new features and improving current features. Our Retainer Selector feature will be available soon, this feature will allow you to choose your retainer and have it ready to print or email to the doctor.

Montage orthoRetainer

Future Updates: Here at Solutions by Design we pride ourselves on being able to provide full service to our clients. We are working on adding a link on the Montage Board for you to be able to access your bLink settings. Accessing your bLink setting will allow you to add emails, change telephone numbers and make edits to all patient information.

Bug Fixes: We glad to say there are no current bug issues to report.

*Remember if you have a Mac computer please contact our support team before updating to the new Yosemite

Note: Jean Noble is now our east coast Sales Director. She is currently available for in office visit for practices throughout the Eastern region of the US.

The Power of Selfies

The term “Selfie” was named Word of the Year by Oxford Dictionary. Defined as “A photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media”, selfies have taken the 21st century by storm. Have you noticed patients smiling into their smartphones after a deband or bracket change? They’re  likely taking selfies right there in the office.

Happy asian woman taking a selfie

You might think selfies are just another fad for tweens, but you might not realize selfies can be one of the driving forces behind building customer relationships through social media. According to Instagram, over 50 million “selfies” were been posted to the photo sharing app in 2013.

seflie count

Here's a screen-shot from Instagram

“It’s just a picture, what is the big deal?”

Visual content is king in today’s digital marketing world. Multimedia content (photos and videos) is posted more than plain-text updates on Facebook, and Instagram ONLY allows you to post photos and videos. It is common for people to want things available to them quick and easy in today's society, and the quickest and easiest way to deliver a message is through appealing visual content. For example, do you think people would rather read about how an orthodontist can straighten teeth or see an amazing before and after photo? I think we can all agree that they’d rather see a photo. With this being said it is obvious that visual content has to be a part of your social media campaign.

Here’s a simple way to see if your social media campaign is on the right track, ask yourself these 5 questions:

  • Do you have one designated social media manager?

  • Do you post at least 3 times a week to Facebook?

  • Do you have a blog?

  • Do you have an Instagram account?

  • Are you monitoring all of your social media accounts throughout your business hours?

If you answered NO to any of these questions then you social media campaign needs a boost, and we can help you with just that! Contact us to find out which ways we can help you improve your social media campaign.

One way to boost your campaign is to use the power of selfies. You can download our FREE selfie sign and have your patients include you in their selfie fun! Have your patients hold up this sign, snap a photo and post it on your social media accounts for everyone to see!

selfie signTo get this FREE  sign email

bLink November News

b Header


As we previously announced bLink 2.0 is currently in the works. Progress coming along great, and the release date is slated for 2015. bLink 2.0, our rewrite of bLink Pro, will offer new features as well as an integration with Cloud based versions of your management software. Also we are adding a complete suite of management tools that will take the user experience to the next level.

blink 2.0 image

As the year comes to an end we get closer to the release date of E-Toons, the animated cartoon reminder and patient education series. We are on track with the completion of animations; there are currently 5 of the 11 animations complete. Our E-Toons will be located under the Appointments, Patient Education and Events tabs.


As we grow  we continue to welcome more and more bLink users. We know there are other patient reminders programs available, but we are very different from our competition. What it is that sets us apart, other than our features, is the relationships we build with our customers. We consistently hear dismay about the services provided by other companies and we pride ourselves on the 5-star service we provide to our clients. We are committed to providing the best service in the industry. When you contact Solutions by Design you are guaranteed to speak to someone and guaranteed to get the help you need. We are always here for you, answering your questions and taking your feedback. Your business is highly appreciated, and as we grow we look for forward to you growing with us.

Bug Fixes:

There are no current bug issues with bLink.

*Remember with the Mass Email feature once you click “SAVE” your email will begin to be sent out immediately. Be sure the email formatted exactly the way you and has all the content included before click the save button.

Note: Jean Noble is now our east coast Sales Director. She is currently available for in office visit for practices throughout the Eastern region of the US.

Why Rankings Are Not the Holy Grail of SEO

SEO Header

Achieving high ranks for the keywords in your SEO campaign is important and necessary. However, far too much emphasis is sometimes placed on the importance of keyword rankings, thereby leaving other elements of good SEO lost in the shuffle.

It’s no secret that rankings fluctuate, sometimes on a daily basis. With ongoing changes in search engine algorithms, along with other factors such as competition, your keywords can often appear in different spots from day to day.

Keyword phrasing also plays a big part. The addition or omission of simple words like “in” or “near” can alter the rankings and make you appear higher or lower depending on the phrasing. And Google’s location services play a part as well. Searching for something locally (where Google detects your location) brings up different results than if you have location services turned off.

So what does all this mean in terms of providing good SEO, and why do rankings appear so prominently in the monthly reports?


Keyword rankings provide an easy-to-understand report of the progress of an SEO campaign. Visualizing the rankings gives a client the satisfaction of knowing that progress is being made and that people are actually able to find them in the search results. But what happens beyond that?

Let’s assume that you, as a client, rank at the top for most of your keywords. Someone doing a search on one of those keywords will see your listing in the search results and chances are good that they will click through to your website. Will they be satisfied with what they see? You may have a thousand visitors each month to your website, but if all of those visits don’t translate into more clients then rankings suddenly don’t seem so important.

One of the many factors in determining whether a site is relevant to a visitor is the “bounce rate.” The bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who go to a site and “bounce out,” never going beyond the home page. A lower percentage is obviously desirable here, but if a visitor doesn’t feel that the information presented is of value to them, they will simply go to another site in the search results – likely your competitor.

The quality of your website content, the ease with which a visitor can access the information they’re seeking, and something that grabs their attention all come into play here. You may have the most beautiful website among your competitors but if these important factors aren’t in place then there’s no reason for someone to stay on your site.

You must ask yourself: Is there anything about my site that makes people want to stay? Am I providing visitors with the information they’re looking for?

Each industry is different and has unique demographics. You, more than anyone else, know your market and what appeals to them. If your website doesn’t successfully capture that market then it’s time to make adjustments.

So, while rankings are still very important and something that should be given constant attention, your website is someone’s first impression of your business and you want that first impression to be the best one.

ScreenPlay November News


Our newest ScreenPlay update, ScreenPlay 10.0, is scheduled to be released in the early first quarter of 2015. User with Premium and VIP maintenance packages will be eligible for a free software update. ScreenPlay 10.0 will included updated patients education videos and new animations. In older versions of ScreenPlay you will notice there are some 2D videos, we are working on upgrading all videos and animations to 3D high definition status. Our goal is to provide you with the best looking animations for you and your patients.


SP before and after


Also, we are in the process of completing DynaFlex animations that will be included in ScreenPlay. DynaFlex is a state-of-the-art orthodontic laboratory and products company. In addition to standard orthodontic appliances and products, DynaFlex is one of the only labs in the country capable of producing appliances from digital (.stl) files. DynaFlex is also one of the largest sleep appliance laboratories in the country with 8 FDA cleared devices.



Future Updates:

We are working on a feature which will allow you to select certain content to be available in your ScreenPlay program. We will be introducing “My ScreenPlay”. My ScreenPlay will allow you to log into ANDI and select animations that pertain to your practice. For example, there are mutilple animations for retainers if you only use on technique you can only that video available in your screenplay.

Bug Fixes: We glad to say there are no current bug issues to report.

Note: Jean Noble is now our east coast Sales Director. She is currently available for in office visit for practices throughout the Eastern region of the US.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Facebook Post That Are Ahead of Their Time

There are many different features Facebook Pages offers beyond your standard liking and status posting. Have you ever thought of a great post, but it’s not the right time to post it? Sure you can set a reminder on your calendar, but what if you need to create a post at a time when you won’t be near a computer. No worries, Facebook has a solution for you.  You can schedule your post.

Before Facebook made this feature available the only to have post scheduled for automation was to use outside programs, but now you no longer have to deal with multiple programs to post one status.

What can I post?

Anything, just like you would a normal create a normal post.

How far ahead can I schedule a post?

You can schedule up to 6 months ahead of your current date, and schedule includes a date an exact time.

How To Schedule a Post

Create your post


MC1Select the arrows next to "Post" and select Schedule Post


Set your date and time 


You have now scheduled your post



Having the ability to schedule your post can really come in handy. This feature allows you to create post when you wouldn't have time to do so otherwise. This is a way for you to build engagement and have content posted on your on a constant basis. For any questions regarding Facebook and it's features give us contact us today!