Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Introducing Our Newest Product

As you may already know…Montage Interactive for Veterinary Exam Rooms and Reception Areas is a Client Engagement, Service Education, and Clinical Case Presentation Powerhouse.

We originally created Montage interactive to be used on large, wall mounted touch displays or stand-alone floor kiosks. But times…they are changing.

Our newest version of Montage includes most of the features of Montage Interactive but eliminates the need for our wall mounted or floor kiosk touch displays. This version of Montage was designed to be used on a tablet. We call it Montage Tablet!

Now there is no reason to worry about cramped exam rooms with little to no wall space or reception areas that lack the real estate to house a large floor kiosk. With Montage Table you can mount an iPad on the wall of your exam room, secure it on a countertop or carry it with you to each exam!

Montage Table Features Include:

  • Photo Booth - Our Photo Booth captures your clients which can be emailed, texted and or posted to your website and the Photo Gallery on your iPad.
  • Photo Gallery - Photos are screened then posted to your Gallery
  • Whiteboard with X-Ray Integration - We feature a wide variety of clinical illustrations to present and distribute to your clients. Our Whiteboard integrates with most x-ray systems so you can import patient x-rays, draw on each and distribute the completed x-ray via email or text.
  • Chocolate Toxicity Meter - Another fun widget for your clients to interact with and learn.
  • Dog and Cat Breed Selector - Choose between Dogs or Cats to display breed information as well as common problems and diseases for each.
  • Age Calculator - This handy widget converts dog years to human years.
  • Digital Brochures - We feature hundreds of digital brochures on nutrition, procedures, diseases and more. All can be emailed or texted from your iPad.
  • Calorie Counter - Our Calorie Counter is based upon the Ohio State study and makes a dietary recommendation for dogs based upon health state.
  • Education Videos - Our Video Library features professional videos for presentation and distribution.

Our Clients Generate Over 250,000 interactions on their Montage boards each month! With over 150 professionally designed brochures and 32 education videos at a touch it’s no wonder Montage Interactive is the Future of Veterinary Client Communications.