Thursday, December 5, 2019

Montage: DICOM Player in Montage

One of our latest features to Montage Interactive Display is the new DICOM Player. Montage Interactive is the ultimate client engagement, entertainment, product and service education available for your practice. It provides an enhanced clinical case presentation for your patients and becomes a social media powerhouse with your clients.

Our new DICOM Player displays any DICOM file captured from your radiography equipment. Many systems on the market including TigerView and Neo have built-in utilities to distribute any captured Xray to a defined location.

See how Shuler Veterinary Clinic uses Montage to give an interactive experience with each vet visit.

Client Engagement, Entertainment, Product and Service Education, Clinical Case Presentation, and a Social Media Powerhouse...and more. Montage continues to grow to become a multi-purpose system.

Over 35 Veterinary specific widgets designed for your practice reception area and exam room.  Learn more about DICOM and Montage.