Monday, June 25, 2018

Fresno County Athletic Hall of Fame and SBD

The Fresno County Athletic Hall of Fame has selected Solutions by Design to design, program and install an expansive sport exhibit system at the The Save Mart Center on the Fresno State Campus in Fresno, CA. This is a major project featuring a 15” Touch Video Wall, 30 information kiosks an overhead truss system supporting 18 65” Digital displays and more.

The Fresno Athletic Hall of Fame located at the Save Mart Center, home of the Fresno State Bulldogs, will feature a 32” suspended truss system with 16 digital monitors streaming video and action graphics sure to amaze attendees. Programming and content development are under way!

The new Fresno Athletic Hall of Fame is all about the kids. Providing guidance, inspiring Fresno County youth is a key objective of the new Hall. While not every child will be a Hall of Fame Athlete, we anticipate that by providing a dynamic presentation of Hall of Fame Athletes we will inspire today’s youth to achieve greatness in their own way.

Interactive and Technological:

A key component of the new Fresno Athletic Hall of Fame is our interactive, on-demand video kiosks. Each of our stars will present their own story on “how sports influenced their lives”.  We will be adding content each year as new inductees make their way to the Fresno Athletic Hall of fame

Interactive Technology is the what the new Fresno Athletic Hall of Fame is all About:

The new Save Mart Center Fresno Athletic Hall of Fame promises to be a technology marvel. Utilizing the most current in interactive technology available this new exhibit will amaze attendees with the delivery of content scenes at the most sophisticated exhibits in the world.

We cant wait to share more news and information as the project begins. Be sure to follow our social media sites for updates and more content.