Thursday, November 19, 2020

Introducing WazUp Trivia!

Solutions By Design

Integrated into the Montage Experience or as a standalone module, our Waz-Up Trivia currently provides millions of client interactions per year!

“WazUp Trivia” is a Solutions By Design Application that will be integrated into the Montage Trivia Module and is now available as a standalone application. Due to the overwhelming success of our Trivia Module, we decided that “WazUp Trivia” would be a great fit for any business, taking your practice to the next level and beyond!

Montage Trivia is a fun-filled, turnkey professional entertainment application intended for use in the reception area of your office. We are already trending over 2 million trivia interactions annually! Kids and adults love to play trivia while they are waiting for their appointment. We feature over 150 trivia games and over 7,500 trivia questions, with new games added every month.

We feature 3 modes of operation:

Traditional Trivia allows your patients and clients to select a game ranging from sports teams, history, geography, music, lifestyle and more. Once a game is selected, Montage Trivia randomly presents 10 questions per game. A total is kept and at the end of the game, each can take pride in their knowledge.

wazup trivia

Competitive Trivia is a fun and rewarding game that rewards your patients and clients with prizes for being the best. You select the prize and the duration of each contest. At the end of the defined time of the contest, all those with a perfect 10 out of 10 go into a hopper. Montage Trivia automatically chooses a winner and automatically sends the winner a custom announcement to come pick up their prize! You can even select which of the over 150 games that you what to select your 10 questions.

wazup trivia

Custom Trivia is fun and can be about anything you like. Build your own questions and answers. Same rules apply to Custom Trivia 10 out of 10 wins. Custom Trivia can be part of Competitive Trivia or just part of the 150+ games.

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