Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Solutions by Design Announces New bLink Security

Solutions by Design is one step ahead of the game with our new security program for bLink Patient Reminder and Messaging software. With growth in this space beyond our expectations, we are continually implementing new features to meet our client’s needs. With our volume of messages exceeding 5 million, we have taken the steps to enhance security to prevent any potential problems.

For all of you long time bLink users that run on a Mac platform, we have eliminated the bLink Bridge feature and now directly log into bLink from browser. If you have a bLink icon on the desktop other than a browser shortcut, we recommend that you delete this icon and create a new shortcut.


If the bLink login looks like this on your desktop, right click on it and select “Delete”.


Log into ANDI and select blink. Choose Download and select either Mac or Windows.   

This will download a zip file.

Click on the zip file and select both the ANDI and bLink icons. Drag them both to the desktop.

That's it! You now have the most up to date and secure application available! 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Montage News

What’s New:

If you have not seen Montage 2.0 yet, check it out at our website. There are many, new enhancements on 2.0 that we think you will appreciate. Montage has quickly become a Digital Bulletin Board for our practices. 

Here are a few of the cool new features:

  • Revolving background images can be selected and scheduled by season, holiday or even events. Each has been designed to work well with the content so they do not overpower the foreground imagery.
  • “Reviewer” is now available which allows your patients to rate and post reviews about your practice on the board.
  • Blog scroll is new and is a very cool way to present what’s new in the practice.  Your blog can be directed to this section of your Montage board where it will scroll. If SBD is your Social Media Source provider, your blog can be linked directly to Montage for presentation. You can also pre-program your blog in Montage to activate and enlarge to full screen when the board if unattended for a specified amount of time and time out as desired.
  • The Slideshow feature has been added to allow for a full screen or cropped looping slide show. Like the blog feature, the slideshow can activate and go into full screen mode if the board is untouched for a designated amount of time.
  • The Gallery of Smiles can be selected in portrait or landscape mode and looped with or without a menu.
  • The scroll on the bottom of the board has been activated to work with most practice management software.
  • Rewards Hub is now linked to Montage so patients can log into their Rewards Hub and review their status.

Beyond 2.0:

We are working on more features that will roll out after the 2.0 release. Widgets such as the “Choose Your Retainer Color” allows patients to choose their acrylic color, view it and save, or print it to a local printer. Color Ties will also allow patients to interact by choosing colors and displaying them on a model.

We are almost there on the cable TV feed.  A few more adjustments and we will roll that feature out as well.