Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Montage: Free Digital Educational Brochures for Your Practice

Solutions By Design

Solutions by Design has been working on widgets that allow veterinary offices and doctors to streamline their work. Offering the best educational experience for your vet visitor is crucial in getting them to understand how to care for their pet. One of Veterinarian's favorite features on Montage is the free digital education brochures that patients can email or text directly to themselves.

Each brochure has the ability to be shared. Each display page is also supported by text and email features, so any and all information can be sent home in a touch. Each brochure is written by veterinarians, breaking down crucial information for your pet.

Client Engagement, Entertainment, Product and Service Education, Clinical Case Presentation, and a Social Media Powerhouse...and more. Montage continues to grow to become a multi-purpose system. Montage Interactive Displays have changed the way veterinary practices operate by combining client engagement, patient education, clinical case presentations, entertainment, and social media.

Over 35 Veterinary specific widgets designed for your practice reception area and exam room.