Monday, July 6, 2020

Montage: New Toxins Widget for Vets

Solutions By Design

By combining client engagement, patient education, clinical case presentations, entertainment, and a social media powerhouse, Montage Interactive Displays have changed the way veterinary practices operate. Solutions by Design has been working on widgets that are impactful and allow veterinary offices and doctors to streamline their work.

Introducing our newest widget, the Toxins Widget for veterinary practices. The latest addition to Montage, the Toxins widget is similar in style to the Dog and Cat Breeds widget, which will allow your clients to dig in and learn more about the toxicity of plants, household items, food items, etc. Each display page is also supported by text and email features, so any and all information can be sent home in a touch.

We are continually adding new content to Montage for our Veterinary Clinics, If you would like to see more contact our office to schedule a demonstration at (800) 888-4084.