Monday, October 25, 2021

Montage Hardware Options

Solutions By Design

The main benefit of touch screens is the overall simplicity of using them. It is one of the many reasons why we are all still loving our devices. We interact with multiple pieces of technology on a daily by the simple act of touch and your practice should be no exception. Enhance your practice or business with Montage Interactive.

Take your practice to the next level and beyond! Montage is an interactive digital display system for veterinarians. We feature a variety of hardware options! Floor Kiosks, wall-mount units, and our popular jumbo smartphone.

Ranging from various industries, Montage Interactive is available for veterinarians, orthodontists, sports, museums and so much more. Take a look at all the displays available in Montage. Let your imagination run wild and think how any of them may apply to your business. Visit our new stand-alone website for Montage.