Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Montage Analytics: Tracking Client Usage

Montage is our interactive digital bulletin board that provides a flexible and powerful solution for creating, managing, and deploying all of your digital communications. Deliver relevant, place-based messages to your internal audiences on Montage with targeted messaging and flexible and easy to maintain content. It is the technology that every business needs to excel.

Our Montage users now can track analytics of their client usage. Montage Analytics is our new proprietary tracking system. We have developed this system to capture valuable data on in-the-field usage of our Montage product providing an up-to-the-minute perspective on how your clients and patients use Montage. This new tool also allows us to gauge overall usage and rank activity worldwide.

Our top active users are located all over the United States, and are in various industries including orthodontic, veterinarian clinics and much more. With Montage Analytics, we are able to view how Montage Interactive boards work for various industries. Those with Montage are now trending over 2.8 million user interactions on the Interactive display boards.

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