Monday, March 14, 2016

Montage FAQ of the Month

How do I remove or delete images from the Gallery?

ScreenPlay Montage was developed to create the ultimate patient experience in the reception area of your office. You can organize, manage and display educational and informational content in one place and make it fun at the same time. We understand that technology isn’t always easy to use, so this month we decided to take one of your Frequently Asked Questions, and provide the answer for you below!

Question: How do I remove or delete images from the Gallery?


1. To delete images that are displayed through the Gallery you will need to login to as an ANDI User. Once you are at the Dashboard click on ScreenPlay Montage–>Content–>Gallery. Before you make any changes make sure you have the right Configuration Profile on the top right selected. “Selecting” an image causes it to be displayed in your profile and “Unselecting” an image will take it down.

2. To Delete an image permanently from your profile you will need to make sure it is “Unselected” first followed by a click on the Red [X]. Again it is important that the correct Configuration Profile is selected.

If you have any further questions or concerns, our Technical Support can be reached @559.765.0638 or

How can you gain the most value from ScreenPlay?

Solutions By Design

ScreenPlay fits into any office system: a one-step, two-step or three-step. Whether you have digital records, or utilize an imaging program, ScreenPlay is the perfect fit for every office. We understand that you’re busy helping your patients and may not always remember everything after your ScreenPlay training course, so we decided to provide you with a quick & easy refresher course on how you can gain the most value from ScreenPlay. We want to make sure our ScreenPlay clients are taking full advantage of the benefits of this wonderful SBD product.

Chairside Presentations- Give you full access to a wide variety of patient education videos that can be played chairside upon demand. Adjusting a retainer? Activate the retainer Care and Use video.

Multimedia Video Library- Our video library is composed of both full length videos and video clips. Videos are organized into three categroies: compliance, care and use, and procedures.

Clinical Findings Report- Produce a beautiful document with patient records, as well as an image of each step of treatment. Record your findings and recommendations as well.

Post-Exam Email or CD- Reinforce the message presented in the initial examination by recording and burning it to a CD, or emailing it directly to your patient.

Practice management Software- Integrates and bi-directionally communicates with most leading practice management software applications. ScreenPlay becomes the front-end presentation vehicle for your practice. Patient records, demographics and even findings can all be passed to ScreenPlay for patient presentation.

Website Integration- Offers an integration path between ScreenPlay and your website. Complete the initial exam and email your patient a link that goes directly to your website. Once there, they can browse your site to find out more about you, orthodontic treatment and the options that may be available to them.

Staff Training- ScreenPlay is the perfect staff training program. What better way to train your staff on orthodontic problmes and treatment options than with a case presentation program?

We hope we’ve helped to refresh your memory on all that ScreenPlay offers to your practice. If you would like more help navigating ScreenPlay, or have specific areas that are confusing, please contact us and we will gladly review areas of concern with you.

How to navigate the Video section of bLink PRO

 The video section allows you to select the videos that correspond to the way you practice. All of the available videos are preloaded for your practice. You can preview any of the videos by clicking on the Play button next to each description.
You can remove any of the videos from your video library by simply clicking the Remove button at the right hand side of each video description. Don’t worry, that video is not gone forever. If you change your mind and wish to add it back to your practice’s library, click on the Add/Remove Videos button at the top of the section. You will see the complete list of videos with your currently selected videos highlighted in blue.
To add a video back, click on the small box located to the left of the video image and scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to Save.

There are 3 tabs for videos:

  • Care and Use refers to videos on the care and use of specific appliances.
  • Compliance videos demonstrate to the patient how to comply with the clinical guidelines.
  •  Procedure videos provide treatment animations for a variety braces types, removable appliances, fixed appliances, extraction and surgical cases.

Videos are utilized in 2 different ways: On Demand or playing videos one at a time in the office, and Patient Education Emails, as automated email distribution.

bLink Doctor Portal
On Demand allows you to call up any of our educational videos instantly through your Doctor Portal for patient chair-side presentation. You also have the option of emailing the video home for the patient by clicking the Email button. A new screen will open. Start typing in the patient’s last name and the program will begin listing patients. Select from the drop down which patient and it will automatically list emails you have on file for that patient. You can then type in a subject and message to accompany the video and then click Send. The patient will have a message waiting for them when they arrive home. Auto-event distribution of Patient Education Videos bLink Pro can be synchronized with your practice management software applications to pre-schedule the automatic distribution of patient educational videos as the patient progresses through treatment. You can select videos that correspond with each appointment type and designate the desired timetable for the distribution.

This auto-event distribution is called Patient Education Emails and includes the following features:

  • Synchronize each appointment type with corresponding educational videos
  • Preset the timing for the email distribution of each message up to 30 days prior to the appointment or 30 days after
  • Customize an email message including any pertinent information based on the appointment type

New Websites Launch

We’ve had an exciting start to the New Year for our SBD website clients. From January through February we have had 6 of our website clients finalize their websites and are now live! Solutions by Design would like to congratulate the following clients on their recent live websites.

These beautifully custom crafted websites created by our SBD team show detailed skill, knowledge, and professionalism of each practice. Check them out now! – Dr. Jesse Arbon (New Responsive Website) - Dr. Simjee (Upgrade from HTML to Responsive) – Dr. Peter Sinclair (Upgrade from Flash to Responsive) – Dr. Chen (New Mobile Website) - Dr. Timmeny & Dr. Polgrean (New Responsive Website) – Dr. Brian Webb (New Responsive Website)

Our team is proud to call you all clients. It was a pleasure working closely with you during this process to provide you with a truly amazing website. Solutions by Design features custom website development. No templates and no canned content. Each site is developed based upon the attributes of the individual practice and its markets.

Our clients choose Solutions by Design for the creation of their website after evaluating their other options and realize that we are the only company that truly offers a unique combination of design, marketing, programming, SEO, social media and clinical knowledge necessary to create effective and functional websites. We are the total solution and offer several levels of website development based upon your needs and budget. Give us a call to now at 800-888-4084 and ask us about our newest promotions.

Changes in Google Ads Layout

Google announced that ads will no longer appear on the right-hand side of the search results in desktop browsers. This is not a sudden change, as Google has been experimenting with different ad layouts for quite some time, but it marks a genuine shift in Google’s overall ad strategy. Product listing ad blocks and Knowledge Panels will continue to show up on the right side for relevant queries.

So what does this mean for the organic search results? Not much, but a definite change will be noticeable. Google will begin showing up to four ads at the top of the search results, and there will also be three ads at the bottom. The number of ads on a search results page will shrink from around 11 to a maximum of seven.

The number of click shares that the right-hand ads received was very low, which is one of the reasons why Google has made this change. Of all ad clicks, around 87% were for the top ads and 13% were for the right side. Google learned that people were more apt to click on ads within the organic listings column and are simply following that trend.

It’s too early to tell if this will mean higher ad rates because of the decrease in number of ads. Some industry sources say it will, but time will tell. But for those who prefer to seek higher organic rankings rather than ad spots, this may begin to impact their efforts because more ads will now be prominent above and below the organic results. This is something that Solutions By Design SEO team will be keeping an eye on in the coming months.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Avoid SEO & Social Media Service Provider Scams

More business owners now understand the importance of SEO and Social Media for their online efforts.  If you don’t have proper SEO, or a current Social Media campaign, you’re just not going to grow your business; it’s as simple as that.  With the rise of demand for these services, also come several unqualified companies offering them to business owners, and most with a much lower rate than specialists.  Beware of scammer SEO and Social Media service providers and their enticing advertisements that actually are too good to be true.
Keep reading for red flags of SEO and Social Media service scams.
Learn to recognize these red flags before considering them for hire:
  • Offshore or no address operations.
Several scams are headquartered offshore, making it difficult for regulators to shut down the scam and recover investors’ funds.  Also, several people familiar with the basic knowledge of SEO and Social Media claim to be online experts and have started offering these services to companies at dramatically lower rates.  These self-proclaimed experts typically don’t provide an address or location of business on any form of contact; this is because they are not a legitimate company with credentials in the field, but someone offering services from their home.
  • Professional websites with little to no information.
Anyone can put up a website or hire a web designer to do so.  Scam sites may look professional, but they offer little to no information about the company’s management, location or details about the services promised.
  • Offers that seem too good to be true usually are.
Now that so many people are offering SEO and Social Media services, keep in mind you get what you pay for.  A lot of these companies offering services for reduced rates usually provide generic content used for all clients.  Also, they use word choices that make the buyer think they’re getting much more than usual. We’ve worked with hundreds of clients who have faced this problem. An example of this is an offer that states “we will enhance your social media by streaming it on your website.”  This does not mean they will post custom content on social media, it means they will add your social media page to your website; but not post on it.  This does you no good.
  • This company is known for specializing in a different field.
Did you recently get contacted from a company for SEO and Social Media that typically specializes in a completely different field?  Look into this business and see how long they’ve specialized in SEO & Social Media.  Make sure they have the credentials and aren’t just coming up with new ways to make fast money, and short you on services.  Most of our clients have seen this before coming to SBD, and it’s easy to spot just by checking reviews online.    It makes no sense to hire a film production company to handle your online marketing strategies, for example, so don’t be fooled by those claiming to specialize in SEO and Social Media when they don’t.
Why SBD is the best choice for SEO and Social Media Services:
  • Solutions By Design has been in business for over 30 years offering professional services to clients worldwide.
  • We offer custom content with every client – no spam, generic posts. All 100% original content and design.
  • Our team is experienced and trained with credentials in marketing, SEO, programming, graphic design, videography, etc.
  • We become an extended part of your team with constant interaction with office point of contact to keep your followers updated on what is going on with you.
  • We’re a fraction of the expense it would be to hire an employee.
  • We manage your page & let you focus on doing your job.
  • Social delivers positive return on investment because it is another tool in your marketing arsenal.
  • 100% of SBD SEO Clients who have been with us for 90 days or more see almost all of their keywords ranking on the first page of results in Google.
  • We provide monthly analytical reports of metrics.